We've Rebranded. Should you?

Working in the digital marketing world, we’ve learned a lot about branding and marketing over the past few years. When we first started Nosstrious, we had some relevant experience in our fields working for other companies, but we never had to think about marketing ourselves—that part was already done for us. That changed quickly.

The name Nosstrious had been rolling around in our brains for years before we actually started the company. Chris, co-founder and web developer, came up with it while in high school during a discussion with his friends. He had a clear vision in his head of what our business would look like. We knew exactly what we were thinking, and early on, we assumed that most people understood the message we were trying to get across with our branding. We’ve since realized that just wasn’t the case.

Why are we rebranding?

People were confused by Nosstrious. They didn’t know how to pronounce it or spell it (and don’t even get me started on trying spelling it over the phone!) As much as we loved our weird name, it just didn’t resonate with people the way we’d hoped it would. We were making it harder for people to talk about us, not easier.

So we changed our name. Nosstrious is now Forte Digital. In addition to the new name, we have a new website, fortedigital.co, and we’ve overhauled our visual branding to better reflect our personalities and the way that we do business. We hope this rebranding will resonate better with our target audience and help bring us more of the type of work that we love to do.

Be open to change.

As people who help other business owners develop their brands and grow their businesses, we want to emphasize the fact that you must be willing to move forward and make changes for the good of your organization. This could mean a change in your branding, your staffing, or even your business model. We know how tempting it is to just do things the way you’ve always done them, but there comes a point when you have to reevaluate your situation. Remember, rebranding is not a quick fix for all of your business related problems, but taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture–including your brand strategy–can help you decide which aspects of your business are working and which aspects may need some work. Most importantly, always be open to change!