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Creating an all new online experience.

Jean Manz at Jean Manz Coaching is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience. She came to Nosstrious with the hope and intention of getting her new business online and in her own style.

The Challenge

Create an all-new online presence, complete with search engine optimization, ease of use, a responsive design, online appointment scheduling, blogging, resources, and a big personality to match.

The Solution

Forte took up the challenge by creating a modern website for Jean with a mobile, tablet, and desktop ready approach. Complete with testimonials, big beautiful colors, and headers, Jean’s new website is ready to get her new business going.

Jean’s Designer Website allows her to connect to her audience like never before.

Jean Manz Coaching, LLC is a new personal coaching practice at the San Juan College Business Incubator. Offering her clients a way to reach peak performance in everything they do, Jean is passionate about her profession.

  • Responsive Design
  • Rebuilt From the Inside Out
  • Online Appointment Scheduling

Nosstrious (Forte Digital) built me a fabulous website and I can’t be more pleased with their services. I sought them out when I was in need of updating my website and wanted to be able to sit face to face with a web developer for design guidance and expertise. I had been experiencing two problems that their services addressed: 1. Communication with a web developer who lived out of town was difficult – relying on email and phone conversation to describe what I was wanting wasn’t working. Sitting face to face with Chris and Thomas and showing them in real time what I was thinking was invaluable and led to my website being exactly what I wanted. 2. I had found it difficult to find a web developer who offers both the technical and artistic expertise – this team delivers both!! They have a great sense of aesthetics and used color and design to create for me a beautiful custom state of the art website. They took me from start to finish with technical expertise – transferring my website to a new server, rerouting my email, coding in buttons and special features on my website. They get the highest marks from me. Extremely satisfied customer!

Jean Manz — Owner, Jean Manz Coaching, LLC